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Have you heard of ‘Olaplex’? It is a revolutionary product which repairs your hair. It can rebuild broken hair bonds using a special ‘turbo-charged’ conditioning treatment.

In the hair structure, there are disulphide bonds and these can get broken down by the use of heat treatments, such as blow-drying and using straighteners, as well as by the use of colour and chemicals applied to the hair.

Olaplex works by not only conditioning the hair, but actually repairing and reconnecting the broken disulphide bonds. The product is often referred to as a ‘bond multiplier’. It not only repairs hair strand, but also limits further damage, during colouring and when applying heat.

I highly recommend Olaplex and know many women who have had damaged hair and seen fantastic results, returning their hair to its natural, healthy condition.

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Natural colour range

I have found an organic, chemical free colour range which I am very excited about. It is called Natulique Natural Colours.

Take a look at these figures:

  • 100% ammonia-free
  • 100% lauryl sulfate free
  • 100% parabens free
  • 100% grey hair coverage
  • 98.02% derived from natural sources

As an extra benefit, it has a pleasant mild odour, contains only natural ingredients and still gives the same high-performance effect…it is even available in recyclable cans!

If you would like complete colour coverage, using a gentle, safe and natural product, contact me for more information.

Permanent blow-dry

A permanent blow-dry (also referred to as a Brazilian blow dry, because it originated in Brazil) is part of the new generation of hair therapy.

By applying keratin treatment to your hair, it helps to eliminate frizz, makes hair more manageable and keeps that ‘just blow-dried’ feeling for longer.

I use Kerarganic keratin system products for a permanent blow-dry, which are formaldehyde and ammonia free, and completely organic. This means there are no nasty odours that engulf your home and it will not sting the eyes or dry the throat. They are lovely, safe products that protect your hair. Whilst being as equally as effective as any other straightening system out there, you are not left with a strong smell and nasty chemicals in your hair.